The Jillology Foundation was created to not only keep the community safe but to continue the "no eject, no reject" policy I was taught throughout my clinical experience to be integrated throughout adult services. It is my duty and due diligence  to provide Hudson County with a PRIVATELY funded adult housing and adult sex specific treatment program for those with sexualized or sex offense charges. Why? Because the community and the children of the future need us to continue to keep the community safe and provide treatment to those who have sexual or pornographic addictions.  

This Fund WILL NOT be touched until it reaches 3.3 million.  @jillology_ This isn't about making anyone money so no go fund me page. If you know me, you know I would rather starve knowing I gave my last 10 dollars to someone who needs it even if I did too (true story). I'm ready to fight the IRS on 3 mill for the people. I didn't make 3 mill the people did. THIS IS FOR THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE. I'M JUST THEIR VOICE CAUSE THEY NEED TO BE HEARD. When you make a contribution, you have the option to put it on "THE POWER WALL" in honor of someone close to you, yourself, anyone. I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE YOU TO DO SO! For YOU are the future!



15% of the proceeds of the Jillology Foundation will provide those among oppressed and high risk populations in Hudson County, New Jersey to see a mental health provider when they cannot afford it, or cannot get out of bed; whose medicaid just expired because the line was too long at the welfare office or barely made it. For clients to be able to see a psychiatrist for medication management so they can get out of bed and work and not rely on SSI (Social Security Income). This is for you. For the homeless, and the veterans may they as well be provided services.

Maybe I can't save a world, but maybe I can help at least New Jersey. 



Meet Jon,43

Jon is a marines veteran who suffers from alcoholism and severe PTSD symptoms. He finds driving for uber therapeutic. Jon completed 3 tours in Iraq, and took the sergeant leadership position. Jon's pension may be taken away, and he struggles with looking for job security due to not completing school or being able to due to his mental status. 


Meet Jamad

Jamad is 28 yrs old, homeless, and rides the PATH trains singing about his story of trying to make it as a singer and how he refuses to give up on his dream while his daughter accompanies him. 

Meet Vin, 41

Vin is a 41 yr old hispanic male who was recently charged with possession of child pornography and is on 3 years probation. Vin reported to have been denied from every outpatient service in Hudson County besides me due to his "special case".

*the names have been changed to protect the privacy of the people I currently treat and or have come across in my travels.