Frequently asked questions

What should I bring with me?

  • a copy of your ID

  • insurance card

  • co-pay listed under speciality. 

Coming to therapy for the first time?

Upon arrival, you be greeted by the staff and the therapist will be notified that you are here for your appointment. Please feel free to wait in the lobby area. Your therapist will then greet you and you will meet for an initial in-take session that takes roughly about 45-60 minutes. Upon meeting for the first session, your therapist will require you to fill out consent and HIPPA forms consenting to treatment in which your therapist will go over these forms with you on an Ipad. 

You will then schedule your next appointment and be on your way to achieving your best self. 

How does therapy work?

Therapy is like going to the gym but for the best results for anything, it takes maintaining and going the required amount of times weekly for the best results.  

How do I know if I need therapy? 

There's a certain stigma to therapy. "I don't need it" or if I do there's something wrong with me.
And in 2018, with the stressors the world has to offer; job performance more demanding and minimal work/personal life balance, can cause a gateway to maladaptive ways of coping.
Therapy is equivalent to having a personal trainer for your life that is a person that is making YOU the priority every week, outside of your personal circle.
TEAM YOU. MAKING YOU and your needs the priority once a week!

What if I don't like it?

Booking a live or a 15 phone consultation will give you more of an idea of what to expect and if this therapist is the perfect fit for you. It's completely okay to book an appointment, have a first appointment and not like it. It's important to find a therapist that fits for YOU! You and your needs are the priority. I highly encourage trying another therapist. Therapy is very beneficial!

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South Center Entrance

South Center Entrance

entering the building:

For your safety, when you first walk through the lobby, you will need to present your ID to security and let them know you have an appointment with Jillian Holguin on the 21st floor. You will then take a photo for your visitors pass and be directed to the south center entrance which will be around the poles on your left if you are facing the front desk. Go through the doors located in the picture on the left. You will then be directed and have access to the elevators that take you to the 21st floor for your scheduled appointment.