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The 6 week self love program   click here

The 6 week self love program click here

The commitment

I inform all my life coaching clients that it’s an investment like going to the gym. To get the best results you need to work at it daily so I constructed an individualized plan tailored to your needs. Below is examples of some of the work that can be expected. The best results I’ve seen are clients that utilize the service weekly for 6 weeks then every other week, to monthly then as needed. The great thing about life coaching is you have 24/7 support and someone holding you accountable towards your goals every step of the way.

  • Self-care weekly plan

  • stress management coping skills plan

  • Jillology "level up" techniques

  • needs assessment

  • financial planning

  • strategic business planning

  • life prioritizing

  • mindful self-love meditations

  • work stress management

  • personal life coaching strategies for the day to cope with events, etc.

Success story


My life coaching client @mariesastreett, is an anesthetic nurse, model and is in graduate school to get her NP. She also runs her own Medspa @perfect57medspa and doesn’t have the time to manage the stress of what life throws at her. I’ve been working with Mariesa for 5 years now assisting her with her business, financial goals, self-care, self-love and maintaining balance and structure in her life. This is an example of a day of her photoshoot when she needed me for my positive support and energy to get her through a stressful day! She killed the shoot! It was an honor to be there for her!

Whenever I feel low or stressed or my life seems out of balance, I can always rely on Jillian to uplift me from that negative space I thought I was in.”
— Mariesa


250/ 1 hour session includes 24/7 support, needs assessment, weekly self-care plan

400 for the day

900 for 4 1 hour sessions (225/ session) includes 1 free day session.

1600 for 8 sessions (200/ session) includes one free day session.

Photo by marekuliasz/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by marekuliasz/iStock / Getty Images