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In this segment I will teach you Exactly how to build your private practice from the ground up. A lot of sites don’t offer the step by step tools but I DO because I know what it’s like to start from scratch and know nothing. It’s time you start the private practice you’ve always wanted to!


This segment includes steps for:

  • filing for an LLC

  • The credentialing with insurances process

  • out of pocket pay/ reimbursement/ sliding scale fees

  • medical billing

  • referral sources

  • marketing tools

  • filing for taxes/how to file during tax season

  • financial budget to start a practice

  • office space options in your area

  • continuous revenue and growth

  • private practice must reads

  • social media marketing

  • advertisements/advertising via google ads

    *How to get great reviews ! is a MUST!

  • continuous clinical supervision

  • The secrets to a thriving business/ private practice

  • self-care !

  • 24/7 support


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