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Private Practice / Clinical Consultation

Court Room

Are you in need of expert guidance and support during legal proceedings involving mental health-related matters? Look no further than Jillian Holguin's Clinical Court Consultation services. With her extensive experience and expertise as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Jillian offers comprehensive clinical court summaries to help legal professionals navigate complex cases with confidence.

In the realm of mental health and legal matters, having a clear understanding of clinical assessments, diagnoses, and treatment recommendations is crucial. Jillian's Court Consultation services provide invaluable insights and expert analysis to assist attorneys, judges, and other legal professionals in making informed decisions. Whether you require assistance in child custody cases, disability claims, personal injury lawsuits, or any other legal context involving mental health issues, Jillian's expertise ensures that you receive accurate, thorough, and well-documented clinical court summaries.

Please note that for the provision of additional paperwork, such as filling out forms or sending faxes related to the court consultation, there is an associated fee of $85. This fee ensures that all necessary documentation is completed promptly and efficiently, supporting the smooth progress of legal proceedings. With Jillian's Clinical Court Consultation services, you can be confident in having a trusted professional by your side, providing the clinical expertise and support you need for a favorable outcome.


Reach out to Jillian Holguin today to schedule a Clinical Court Consultation and take a proactive step towards achieving the best possible outcome in your mental health-related legal matters. Her commitment to professionalism, accuracy, and compassionate guidance will ensure that you receive the comprehensive support you require throughout the legal process.

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