It's time.

JILLOLOGY- The act and or belief of optimizing on being your authentic self and utilizing your "mental illness" symptompathology as talents. Mental illness will be referred to as "mental willness". My mission is not to discredit that mental illnesses are a disease and can be viewed as a medical condition or impairment that hinders ones ability to perform adequately in life domains. My philosophy is the desire to fight against the odds and recognize the strengths behind what makes someone perceived as "different, crazy, psychotic..." you name it. 


Let's start a revolution. Everyday is a survival for those who experience symptoms of mental illness on a daily basis. Like workout guru, Shaun T said, "My forehead's on your forehead... LET'S WORK". It's a battle. Some people's battles are by the minute, hour, day, or come in waves out of nowhere.

The primary focus of this philosophy is fighting against this stigma. TOGETHER. The Jillology goal is to break free of this stigma. If you are "diagnosed" bi-polar or have borderline tendencies, well hey, you have a beautiful mind and a strong battle. Let's give credit where its due. If you can continue to fight you vs. the man in the mirror EVERYDAY and make it to the next, you are not only a solider, you are a WARRIOR. And it's time to put your talents to good use!

It's time to take action for what YOU stand for and what YOU believe in in EVERY and ALL aspects of YOUR LIFE.

This is the movement. This is what we can conquer together. ALONE. CAUSE YOU HAVE THE POWER. Always. It is now time to dig deep and use it. Power. an be perceived as a negative connotation, but not in this case. We're not here to empower. We're here to be POWERFUL.

We're here to stay and be our powerful best selves without second guessing (as long as it's law abiding). It's about the inner dreams and voices and images in our minds and recognizing the limits we create for ourselves subconsciously.

Not to be the innocent bystander, the person waiting to speak or say your idea or state your opinion in a social crowd. But to stand tall no matter how uncomfortable and how much it hurts. Nope, that's the old you. Yes, those are parts of you and change CAN happen over night. But you have to be willing, and together I can assist with getting you there.  

So join me.

 We all have our own internal battles we fight day in and day out. We've come to conquer. #LETSCONQUERYOURWORLD.

Best Always,


Your custom POWER Box

The secret "Jillology techniques" that I implement in practice, now does not have to wait until next week and can be a tool used for your continuous treatment journey. Your custom POWER box, will come with a free live individual Skype/telehealth session or face to face session, and a custom-made delivered book tailored to your needs. This POWER box will include specific coping skills and treatment prompts for you to achieve your treatment goals while at home. It will be a tool utilized in situations where you don't know what to do, are struggling with obsessive thoughts, habits, coping or engaging in negative coping skills. This book will be your own personal tool box or shall I say POWER box for you to continue to conquer your world and overcome obstacles life may throw at you.