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Jillian Holguin, LCSW


My approach: I emphasize on self-love techniques to enrich the quality of my clients’ lives to promote balance, find the beauty and power within themselves to optimize the best results towards their therapeutic journey. I also encourage my clients to be gentle with themselves and self-aware of the internal dialogue they have in their head to further launch them forward. I am also big on manifestations, affirmations and the power of envisioning techniques which I refer to as the Jillology techniques.

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Thank you for visiting Yourself First! It's a pleasure to have you on my site and I look forward to potentially working with you towards achieving your therapeutic goals and accomplishing the best version of yourself! Yourself First, LLC is a private practice outpatient setting that provides individual, couples, family and group psychotherapy sessions. I also offer weekly life coaching sessions to higher end clientele to assist with managing their businesses, goals, personal, finance, work, family and relationship life balance using my unique Jillology techniques/ 6 week self-love program! Call or text today to inquire more!

#Self-health is self-wealth.

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Envision a powerful you!

Envision a powerful you!



Couples therapy / marital /pre-marital counseling

It is my intention to get the couples I treat back to where they were when they first fell in love with each other by addressing communication barriers and focusing on the positive using “I statements”. I assist with life transitions, sexual health, and the concept of playing as a team. I also assist couples who are in the pre-marital phase of their lives getting ready to enter the next chapter of their lives and address any concerns or communication patterns they would like to process.



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